Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Seeing Red!....box

Let me say this first. I am as cheap as they come. For those of you with dirty minds, clean 'em up right now. I mean monetarily, not physically. (though this one time at band camp...) If I can save a few dollars and sacrifice quality, I most likely will. Though trying to save money can be more trouble than it's worth. I regret calling myself a frequent visitor to the video rental kiosk located at your nearest Mcdonald's called redbox. For those of you who may be uninformed(see also ignorant), redbox is a a dvd vending machine that lets you rent a movie for one day for only a dollar. What a deal, right? It would be if normal, well-groomed people with an ounce of common sense used it.

Because a great majority of people in this world are dim-witted, and cannot deal well in social situations, the redbox is perfect for them. The draw for these "redbox regulars" is the simple fact of having absolutely no face-to-face interaction with anyone, especially if it means going to blockbuster and being helped by an acne-ridden sixteen year old or a 37 year old film buff who owns all of the original star wars action figures in their original packaging. But I digress, one of the many problems with these redbox regulars is when a normal person such as I stand behind them to return a movie. All I need to do is return the movie in the slot and I can be on my way, well apparently the person standing in front of me has never heard of any movies, because they are looking closely at every cover and clicking on them to read the plot summary. Unbelievable! Seriously! Just because "There will be blood" is titled as such, does not mean it's the soft-core horror movie they were hoping to rent tonight. As if looking through every plot summary is bad enough, they then have to slide their overdrawn credit card and input their email. (i.e. redneckslutangel27@yahoo.com) Keep in mind, these people are the ones standing in front of you at sam's club buying wine in a box and a case of Heineken, sliding their card wrong seven times in a row. So after all the choosing the movie and inputting all their "stolen" information, they finally get their movie and I breathe a sigh of relief and start shuffling forward to take my rightful spot, but NO, they have decided they want another movie and start the process again. You may think I am kidding but it took me twenty minutes to RETURN a movie yesterday! Twenty minutes! As a disclaimer, yes, i know it's my fault for frequenting redbox but what can I say, I'm cheap.