Tuesday, September 16, 2008

School and Crossbones!

I'm back. For the most part anyways. I have been a major slacker for the past month. All this blog-sloth is due to being back in school.
College is back and ready for revenge. Thank goodness this is my last year in school. (Fingers crossed). I have been a faithful college attender for the past decade. I have given universities so much of my (and my mom's) personal money, that they are going to dedicate the new school library in my name. If we want to break it down: I was a college freshman for 2 years, a sophomore for 4 years, a junior for 2 years, and this year will finish my second year as a Senior. Three words: Ten Year Plan. You got it. Ten years from high school graduation to my college graduation. I'm not saying I'm an overachiever, but being able to accomplish something normal people do in 4 years in ten years makes me pretty special.
So let's talk about this. Where does all the money for Tuition and books and parking tickets go? People are in arms about gas prices, when universities are the real greed terrorists. Why does it cost 500-600 dollars for every class? If you do the math, let's say there are 30 students in one class that they paid 500 for. That is $15,000 just for that class! And these professors teach that class probably 4 times in that semester. How much are these universities skimming off the top.
Secondly- Bend over kids, its time to go to the bookstore and get all the essential textbooks for class! For a book that is the equivalent size of 3 magazines - $148. And that's used! How can it possibly cost so much for 300 pages of anything. I don't know if I would pay $148 for a gold leaf page book. Now if it were a book made out of caramel, that would be a different story. And a delicious story at that. But think to yourself, how do they get away with that? Do we all pay the exorbitant amount of money and not think we're getting duped, because if they did try to scam us, they would never be as crazy to believe we'd pay that much for a lie. But here we are, maxing out our credit cards for a book we will only use to cram for tests the night before and only be able to sell back for $26, if we can sell them back at all! (That was a long sentence)
Get this, last semester I attempted to sell a book back that I had bought for $90. This is that conversation.

Me: (smiling, hoping to get more money by doing so) Hey, how are you doing today?
Clerk girl: ... (Just stares at the book in my hands)
Me: Oh, here ya go.
Clerk girl: (Looks at her computer and clicks a few times aimlessly on her mouse)....
Me: So how's work going today?
Clerk girl: good. (is she saying that in response to my question or because the screen just told her that she owes me no money?)
Me: So what's the damage?
Clerk girl: Actually (she says with a grin) this book isn't being used anymore, and we aren't buying it back.
Me: Serious? Even after how nice I have been? Thanks anyways.
Clerk girl: But if you want to donate it to the bookstore we will take it off of your hands.
Me: Fine. I just want to get rid of it then. (I leave)

True story. And what book do I find they are using for the same class the next semester? The exact same edition I gave up for free to the deceptive clerk vixen. Bamboozled! Hey kids, don't let it happen to you. Hold on to that 17th edition of Nutrition basics, because you never know when it will get you 20 bucks in the future.