Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Dork Knight

Oh...Hey. How's it going?
I feel like I should apologize for not writing for a month. I feel like I'm apologizing to my journal for being so lazy all the time.
Well I have been hard at work, writing regularly and all at a new review site. You should check it out. It's pretty cool. Instead of 10 readers, the site will get 13 with my "fan" base. (singular fan)
You can find it at
So go there to find mildy funny, half-truthful reviews on everything from TV shows to Deodorant to Appetizers.

Alright, so Halloween passed a few weeks back and I regret that I didn't blog sooner because it is my favorite holiday and i have an affinity for dressing up. If I could wear a cape every day, I would. (I'm gonna be a creepy old man) My wife made the greatest costume for me. My work which is normally void of personality had a themed superhero day. I'm on the left as Batman by the way.
So pretty sweet costume I know. The other costumes are not too bad either. I was proud of my Adam West style and then I see it... I don't mean to be the biggest perv but what's up with the bat speedo? After further inspection it's apparent that there is a poorly placed shadow behind me and I am an innocent victim of trick photography.
For some reason I am sharing this with other people, why?
Well I am half black. (the lower half apparently)
I really hope my wife doesn't read this blog. (Batman fears no one but his wife)
So for all you weirdos out there, here's a full-fledged picture of Batman in all his glory. Truly it was a day that my taco stains were the least of my embarrassment. Even with embarrassing shots appearing I still think I will wear this costume every year. It's almost as good as my Alvin costume of '04. Almost. Sorry to anyone I've offended with this blog. I try to keep my blogs PG, for Pornography Guaranteed.

Caught ya!