Monday, July 21, 2008

...and to all a Good Knight!

Dear Diary,
The other night I went to see a movie that I have been waiting three years for. (No, not Mamma Mia, but that was incredible too) The Dark Knight finally came out and I was lucky enough to have a ticket for the midnight show. As it turns out, it was not just a private screening for me and the smelly 30 year olds who were bound to be there. Apparently the people who I detested in high school (the ones that consistently "pants'd" me, the jocks) were all there in droves. Who knew that Batman had such mass appeal. Not only that, they brought girls there too! Though I'm not sure they were big fans of the movie because all they did the whole time was talk to each other loudly (i.e. the row sitting behind me). I would not let others distract me from the prime spot from which I was enjoying the movie. Second row on an Imax screen! Things could not get better, louder, or closer than that! My neck is still sore from constantly scanning the screen and counting the moles on maggie gylenhall's face. 17, by the way. 
So, as for all the naysayers out there who didn't think a movie could possibly live up to such lofty expectations, I say "for shame!" How could you not believe in Batman. I never doubted him for a second. Apparently I'm not the only one who liked the film, I guess it made a little bit of money. Let's just hope they don't jump the shark and hurry and make another "Batman & Robin" to cash in. I don't mind waiting another three years if they take the time and effort to make such a great experience. I am patient when it comes to "geeking out." Hmmm...geeking out sounds a little like "making out." But you would be surprised that it is actually the furthest thing from it, I know I am. Though both can be considered sins if they are taken too far. But I digress...
For all who have not had the chance to witness this dark, riveting film, they should call in sick for the rest of the day (the movie is about that long) and go straight to the theater. The movie is without flaws. For some 2 1/2 hours is incredibly long, but I wish it could have gone on longer. Bale is great, and sadly gives center stage to the rest of the cast, but they do not disappoint at all. Ledger gives a performance that is unrecognizable and will haunt my dreams for years to come. Eckhart is great as Harvey Dent, who the movie centers around. If you can't tell, I guess you could say I liked the film. 
Here's a question for you diary, do you think that Bill Gates has ever wondered if he could become Batman with all the money he has. Sure he has given millions to charities, but they sound a lot like lost causes. (MS, Jerry's kids, etc.) Instead he could be fighting crime and cleaning up the streets of the panhandlers that I always give a dollar to because they give me a judgmental look and I feel guilty. (that dollar could have bought me a Big Gulp) No one would ever know that Batman was Bill Gates. I mean, look at the guy. And maybe, just maybe, if he is reading this right now and makes the ultimate choice to be the caped crusader, I would keep his secret. 
Oh by the way, the Dark Knight is just as good the second time around, and getting pants'd for the second time in a week is just as humiliating.
Major Undeclared


Dan da Man said...

Did you reali see mama mia im not going to lie musicals are a guilty pleasure of mine

I want to see Dark Knight because the joker looks perfect i mean perfect for insane entertainment

Major Undeclared said...

Dan, if you want me to, I will delete your comment so that no one will no of your sordid hobbies.

Dan da Man said...

No its ok my guilty pleasures are not guilty to me and if you dont like that i realli dont care so yeah

The Hypocritical One said...

I'm in total agreement....loved the flic.

I love a good "pantsing" long as I'm not the butt end.

Major Undeclared said...

Well when a quarter of my audience asks for more, i am more than willing to give. (I have four readers total) Look forward to some good "pantsing" stories in a future blog.

Tiny Tina said...

Hey you can make it five fans now.. sorry I am Australian but hey anyone counts right? Hey Jeremy just called he has a car to sell and for you he will do a deal. Only problem is though is it's a Holden! Good mileage though.
Let me know