Friday, October 9, 2009

Big Brother is Watching

Now I don't normally do this, and I don't think this blog will become a political one but something has to be said.

Enough is enough. This is getting silly.

Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Excuse me? He won the what? I expected him to win an Emmy for his many TV appearances, but a Nobel peace prize?! Not that I had much respect for a prize that was rewarded to Al Gore for scaring the locals with global warming, but to a man that has done absolutely nothing in his political career to warrant a flippin' peace prize, I don't get it. Perhaps they should rename it to Nobel pop culture award.

Did the brains in Oslo think "Chicago didn't get the Olympics?! Are you kidding me? Even with Obama, Michelle, and Oprah making the special trip? Unbelievable. We will have to give Barack an award to make up for Copenhagen's folly..." Actually that doesn't sound too far off.

I'm starting to think I deserve a nobel peace prize (I now lowercase the title because it's meaningless). Hey Oslo, last week I opened the door for numerous senior citizens and even let an elderly woman butt in front of me at Walmart.

I know it's kinda ridiculous to be complaining about this when so much harm has been done to this great United States of America. Maybe it's because I was too lazy to blog when he called me a right wing extremist, all because I believe in traditional family values and the value of hard work and independence. Also, I watched and am currently watching a congress who does not have their constituents' interest in mind, try to force-feed a socialized health care bill through and be so unapologetic.

When you look at the nobel prize winning presidents, you shouldn't be too surprised by the most recent victor. Four presidents have received it: Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, and now the president of 9 months, Barack Obama. All progressives.

I guess when you go to Europe and apologize for everything America has done wrong, they feel they should give you some sort of award. Why not a BAFTA? (British Academy of Film and Television Arts)

I honestly think he only won because the world sees him as the one who kicked out George W Bush. I'm actually starting to wonder if he bribed the nobel judges with baskets of DVD's or iPods filled with his speeches.

P.S. Will someone tell me what I should be for Halloween...


Tate-Family-Fun said...

Well said! As for you Halloween costume, I think you should go as Kanye West and interupt anyone that starts talking. Or you and Joan can go as Jon and Kate.

Major Undeclared said...

Wow, I freakin' love both of those ideas. Though I'm almost afraid to tell Joan about the Kate costume. She might cut her hair like that for real...

claytongmackay said...

You sir are a wise man. I am so proud of you. For Halloween may I suggest you be the Nobel Peace Prize or if you don't want to be that, you could be a turkey sandwich.

Joey said...

I heard of some guys once that were Alvin and the Chipmunks...

This was well written. You should be published.

tara said...

Holy crap thank you for saying such good words.
I second the Kanye West idea..

Nouvelle-Orleans Pharaoh said...

Quite a reaction there mate! I was surprised myself with Oslo's decision, rendering it a lil'...No, a good deal inconceivable!
However, I am a lil' impartial to Obama. Would like him to act more, than to speak. Then he'd truly be deserving of a BAFTA -at the very least.
Halloween, not big here in NZ but I do 2nd the Jon and K8 idea. You could make paper cut-outs 4 the potential 7 kids but MUST have crew including lighting, sound and camera men (or persons to be pc)to follow you round.

Matt said...

Well...I congratulate you for being an ideologue even if Obama's policies will help you. (read--free stuff as you're poor)

Major Undeclared said...

Claytong, I've always been partial to bologna.

Joey, The chipmunk idea sounds like a classic, who were those geniuses? Also, I am published, i go under the pseudo-name Nora Roberts.

Tara, This might be the first time we've ever agreed on something.

Farao, do you really know who Jon and Kate are in New Zealand? That's depressing that such garbage has made it to New Zealand.

Matt, there is nothing i like more than being enabled. Where do i sign up to sell my soul?